Our drivers

All Keolis drivers are experienced professionalswith an excellent understanding of the key concepts of customer service, from quality of service to safety. Used to driving both French and foreign tourists and local bus services, Keolis drivers are adaptable and professional at all times.


Because Keolis believes high-quality service is not possible without ongoing, personalized training for all staff, it takes particular care over the training provided to its drivers. Keolis trainers, in partnership with the Institut de Formation Keolis, provide drivers with bespoke training centred on quality of service :

  • Safety : defensive driving, respect of driving hours and break times, vehicle safety element inspections,
  • Driving on roads and runways : airport knowledge, runway permits (Z), safety and security training,
  • Courtesy and business conduct :hospitality, vehicle cleanliness, quality service concepts,
  • Punctuality and routes : knowledge of Paris and traffic easing routes,
  • Economy driving :pollution and accident risk limitation.

Additionally, all Keolis drivers hold F.I.M.O (Mandatory Minimum Initial Training) or F.C.O.S (Safety Obligations Driver Training) certificates.