The safety of our passengers is number 1 priority for all staff working for Keolis CIF. We are keenly aware of all safety constraints that affect our fields.

Our commitment to passenger safety is manifested in a number of ways :



Although already highly experienced, Keolis drivers receive advanced, ongoing training on the rules of safety, prudence and accident prevention.


On-board safety equipment

All Keolis CIF vehicles are equipped with an ABS braking system.

Vehicle maintenance and repairs

To ensure optimum maintenance quality and responsiveness, Keolis Voyages Autocars Services uses the Keolis workshop for all mechanical work carried out on our vehicles. The maintenance team carries out routine maintenance, bodywork maintenance and regular preventative inspections and checks.


Respect of legislation and driving regulations

Restrictions related to working hours, continuous driving times and the length of daily and weekly breaks are all strictly adhered to.


Making sure our drivers are alert at all times ensures maximum safety on the road